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Silicon Beach Real Estate – Playa Vista – Venice Beach – Santa Monica – Pacific Palisades

Silicon Beach  embodies the American dream. People flock to this beach side area in search of fame, fortune and the carefree lifestyle. This is a city where techies, celebrities and executives abound. Silicon Beach luxury homes appeal to the well to do who reside in such famous areas as Playa Vista, Venice, Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. This dynamic blend of luxury homes help make Silicon Beach a truly special place to live the dream.

As a Silicon Beach Real Estate Agent, Daniel knows  It’s extremely important project class and style in the luxury real estate market. Its critical to be be knowledgeable in every aspect of real estate. This includes knowing each area intimately, knowing the in and outs , knowing where the OFF Market pocket listings are at any one time, and finally being a good negotiator including connections to other agents who have pocket listings, connections with developers and builders.

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