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Sunset Park Santa Monica Real Estate


The City of Santa Monica is one of four independent cities in the west side of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Santa Monica shares — with Malibu, Culver City and Beverly Hills — the distinction of being a separate city from the rest of the communities which are all a part of the City of Los Angeles. Santa Monica has its own police force, fire department, city government and its own school district.

Sunset Park in Santa Monica shares a zip code with Ocean park (90405). However these 2 neighborhoods have a very different feel. Sunset Park has more of a slower paced residential feel and generally has more single family homes than in Ocean Park.

Sunset Park extends from Centinela Ave. (East) to Lincoln Blvd (West). Pico Blvd. makes up the Northern border and Dewey St. marks the Southern border. The Santa Monica Airport as well as Santa Monica College and John Adams Middle School occupy a large amount of space in the Ocean Park area.

Many of the houses in Sunset Park were originally built in the 1940s for aviation workers at the Douglas Aircraft Factory. many of these original homes remain, although the trend is on expanding or rebuilding these older homes to create more modern living spaces.

Sunset Park is one of the largest residential sections of Santa Monica, most of Sunset Park is residential housing, including single family homes, condominiums and apartment complexes of various sizes. The largest number of homes in the area were built in the 1940s and early 1950s, in response to housing needed for the growing families of the population explosion after WWII.

With its largely residential character, Sunset Park is an increasingly popular and friendly neighborhood to live in. You can still see many of the 1940’s modest homes, but the area is slowly starting to change. Its very common to see Modern mixed with older smaller homes.

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sunset park Santa Monica real estate